14. Rejection

The publisher who liked the first chapters of A Prize of Sovereigns and asked to see the whole book has turned it down. It’s another rejection, but at least it made it to the second stage. My thoughts are focussed now on the Winchester Writers’ Festival this weekend, where I have meetings with an agent and a publisher.

5 thoughts on “14. Rejection

    1. Thanks for the thought SD. Winchester was actually last weekend, and it stayed dry. Perhaps, of course, it was your wishes that travelled back in time and kept it dry, because dark rain-laden clouds lowered over the site all day. You can see my post about how it went in A Worship of Writers

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      1. Lol, yeah I noticed the date after I posted but it didn’t register. I’ll check your post out later today…. I’m going to MeadowHell shopping :S


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