Min Min Challenge – Lights in the Sky

There are

Lights in the sky,

Teeth in the smile,

Teacakes on the plate.

Of all these,

the teacakes may be the scariest.

Of course, the lights are scary, but I don’t believe they’re really there.

Smiles are not normally frightening, but when you declare love, your teeth bare when pronouncing the word.

But the teacakes, oh, the teacakes!  

The pink and yellow icing are colours nobody should dare eat.

And, most of all, they just appeared out of nothing.

Something is happening,

A terrible annunciation.

I fear those teacakes. Because I don’t dare fear you.


I was invited to join the Min Min challenge by the much-missed C E Ayr. The prompt is “Strange Lights in the Sky”. You can find other contributions here

12 thoughts on “Min Min Challenge – Lights in the Sky

  1. The time to worry, I feel, is when the teacakes are accompanied by a small dark green glass bottle with the words ‘Drink Me’ on it. Then you’re really in trouble. Nice one, Neil.

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  2. Full Disclosure: given the international flavor of Doug’s ‘hop* I admit to checking with my friends at wikipedia…

    So, Neil, this form of breakfast food is subject to appearing un-announced?
    enjoy your twisting of the Reader’s expectations

    * and having run afoul in the course of occasional use and misuse of certain terminology gastric and otherwise that should be universal (cough…ceayr…cough)

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  3. I’ve missed your writing, Neil. Unadorned and all the more frightening for that. The words show their full power. ‘There are …teeth in the smile’. Ouch!
    And thatv last line – chilling!

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