163. Farnham Fiction Award 2022 Shortlist

Farnham has long been a craft town. Now it is a literary town, with the first Farnham Literary Festival due to run  from 5-13 March, 2022.

I am running the Farnham Fiction Award, and we have just selected the shortlist. Congratulations to all the talented writers.

Fool’s Mate by Tim Taylor

Train the Brain by James Gault

Not Your Ordinary Love Story by Ekaterina Crawford

The Watcher in the Woods by Stephanie Thornton

Stuck Like a Dope With a Thing Called Hope by Jilly Funnell

The Lady Without the Van by Jilly Funnell

The Calling by Prince Cavallo

Ayashe and the Red Crow by Diana Lock

The Forced Generation by Grace Walker


Join us for the Award Event on 13 March, 2022, at 2:30 p.m, St. Marks Church Hall, Alma Lane, Farnham GU9 0LT. Author Gary Couzens will make the awards.

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