Friday Fictioneers – Coda

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M Macilroy

All that remained were his last photographs. Surely, they held a message? Some final trace of him to quiet my anguish; a response to everything I should have said.

If only I’d…. But, no. It is what it is. He’d have known I hadn’t meant to leave, that I’d be back.

There it was! A sparrow looking-in through the window. A reprimand? Or forgiveness? Was I the bird, or he?


Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here

73 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Coda

  1. I know a couple of people who robins visiting their gardens as harbouring the spirit of someone they’ve lost. Perhaps this is a similar thing, a message from someone gone. As you say, left to the viewer to interpret the deceased’s intention. Great tale, Neil

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  2. An evocative piece of writing Neil. Nature carry us may messages, even perhaps through the birdsong, it is so quiet here, quiet so that I can once again hear the birds singing.

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