Friday Fictioneers – Mystery


Photo Prompt: (C) Kent Bonham


“But how do we build it?”

Zack scratched his tousled head and smiled his goofy grin, spreading the vellum over the rock table.

“That’s not the question, Zack,” said Sparky. “The question is what will it do?”

Etched on the ancient parchment were arches and wheels, columns and sprockets.

Zack passed the plan under the scanner –a battered dustbin lid suspended on the bare ribs of an old umbrella – but the readout remained blank.

“I dunno,” Zack said, “is this a building or a machine?”

“Maybe both,” said Sparky. “Don’t matter. It’s the making that counts.”

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find It here.


61 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Mystery

  1. Sparky’s got a good head on his shoulders. Focus on the process rather than the product. Writing’s a bit like that. Lively dialogue and satisfying ending.


  2. What is it? What will it do? I don’t know — it’s the makin’ that counts.
    Smiling I am at this idea as it fits well with Friday Fictioneers, right? What do you see? I don’t know, what do you see? Not sure. Well, it’s the makin’ that counts! 🙂
    Recently back from two months in Bermuda — just getting back to Friday Fictioneers.


  3. I know Zack and Sparky, they belong to my club, they are just great characters, sadly Sparky keeps blowing things up and Zack then rebuilds them. Love your story.


  4. Great fun tale, loved the last line.
    Sparky and Zak sound like my two boys – they regularly made stuff when they were younger and we were never sure just what it was they had made, but applauded their ingenuity in making it.
    Well done.


  5. The minds of what are presumably kids, of a certain age, where imagination runs wild – love the details of the scanner – and how the challenge isn’t necessarily to understand, but rather to create. Great tone and ambiance set here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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