28. To publish or not to publish?

Who knew there were so many tactical decisions in a writer’s life? As earlier posts attest, I keep having to make decisions. The gentle escapism into the creative craft is only the first step on a long journey. My dilemma may strike a chord with you. The decision I have to make now is whether to continue the serialised publication of A Prize of Sovereigns. Sixteen chapters have already appeared, and I’m committed to publication of the first 24. Do I agree to the next 12 (which would mean around three quarters of the book has been published online)?

prizesovereigns_squclean_01I made up a list of pros and cons. I consulted friends. The pros are:

  • Since I’ve decided to switch to pitching my mystery novel The Golden Illusion, it will continue to provide exposure for A Prize of Sovereigns and a readership for my work.
  • Some publishers like to see demonstration that a book has enjoyed online success
  • Along with the serialisation, the book gets an edit

The cons are:

  • The readership this site attracts is not large. The first 12 chapters attracted 555 unique page views, and about 20 regular readers
  • Some publishers will not touch a book which has already appeared online
  • The edit is a micro copy-edit, not a strategic macro-edit.

Decisions, decisions!

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