Friday Fictioneers – Wasteland


Photo Prompt: (C) J Hardy Carroll

Grandpa scratched his thin beard, the turkey wattle flapping on his neck.  “Dammit, we used to make things, we were somebody.”

I didn’t know why he’d brought me to this derelict building, or what he wanted to teach me. Grandpa was just an old man, to be humoured.

“Can’t see how you’re ever going to amount to anything, Josh.” A sad shake of his head. “You can’t make a world out of selling each other insurance policies and burgers.”

Now, fifteen years on, with the DNA price crashing, Grandpa’s message makes sense.  I stare bleakly at my own wasteland.


Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find It here.


33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Wasteland

  1. ‘Wasteland’ is one of my favourite titles. I’ve used it myself in a previous short story (not published). It’s so evocative. I enjoyed your take on the title and the photo prompt.

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  2. I also wondered about the DNA trading, so thought DNW. = D for dangerous. N for nuclear. W for wasteland, you have got me thinking of more stories for this prompt. Well done

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  3. Apart from this being a great story, the last line makes me very scared. That’s a very possible future you paint here.


  4. Grandpa has a good point. I’ve always wondered how we’d cope selling each other frozen peas at the supermarket. Turkey wattle is great, wish I’d thought of it.

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  5. Great take on the prompt. Grandpa is very wise – we can’t make a future out of seeling each other insurance! I like the way his words don’t hit home until the grandson is grown – advice given is only valued once you’ve learnt the lessons for yourself. Great story

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  6. A brilliant and awful look into the future, Neil! It made me think of Gattaca, for some reason. Have you seen it? Of course, there it’s not about DNA sales and insurance, but rather discrimination based on one’s DNA profile.
    I loved the images you evoked. That poor grandfather with his turkey wattle neck!


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