142. On the launch pad

My literary thriller, The Tears of Boabdil, is in the final weeks before publication, and my focus now is on publicity. With bookshop distribution successfully underway, thanks to my publisher, I’m concentrating on reviews, as described in a previous post.

Here’s a flavour of the reviews so far, by which I’m delighted.

“Neil MacDonald has skilfully fitted a complex plot and a diverse ensemble of characters, likeable and otherwise, into a space from which they almost, but don’t quite, burst out. The Tears of Boabdil is an ambitious, assured, and gripping debut novel.”

Mandy Macdonald (no relation)

“Having been given its time to breathe as recommended in the book, a story needs a satisfying and convincing conclusion. Neil MacDonald has achieved this, not by magic, but by enviably able writing.”

Jilly Funnell

In other wonderful news, one of my stories was longlisted for the BBC Short Story Award.

The book is out on 28 September and has its press launch on 2 November. You can get it here

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