Friday Fictioneers – Make Money While You Sleep

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M McIlroy

It took a while to get used to the headset. It bumped the pillow and woke me. But this was worth it to earn without effort. And gradually, I adapted to the equipment—even became comforted by the way it cradled me.

Networked with other sleeping brains, the company mines my dreams to solve problems I couldn’t begin to understand. Collectively, we manage topological transforms and matrix algebra.

And I have all the working day free to walk, and to garden, and to chat. Truly, this is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Isn’t it?


Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here

56 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Make Money While You Sleep

  1. Sounds scary, if you ask me… especially given the dreams I’ve been dreaming. Great story this week. It’s is an intriguing and challenging prompt to write from.

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  2. I like how you ended it with a question. Definitely reminds me of The Matrix where humans were used as batteries while their minds were lulled into an illusion. Machines are the most seductive enemies humankind has ever come up against.

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  3. At first glance, this is a genius idea. But then I started thinking about all those brains being connected while their owners were comfortably asleep, and it seems a bit creepy. I wonder what else the bosses can do to those brains,

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