147. Colour me stupid

For the last couple of years, I’ve offered a newsletter for news and updates about my writing. But I made schoolboy error—I aimed it at writers. Of course, I should have aimed it at readers.  

So, I’ve completely rethought the newsletter. From February it will share content to interest readers, including writing updates and monthly book bargains and recommendations. And there’s a beautifully illustrated free novelette for everyone who signs up.

Cara learns to sing the knots that bind the world. Cara’s Saga is the story of how a young woman became the foremost makar. Makar is a Scots word meaning bard.  But the story isn’t set in Scotland. Or, indeed, anywhere. Rather, it’s set everywhere. I played with a fabulist mash-up of Scottish, Inca, Northwestern American seaboard first nation, Australian aboriginal and other myths to create something universal and magical.

To get your copy, just click the sign-up button on the side bar on the right hand side (or bottom if you’re reading on a tablet) of this blog. You’ll get Cara’s Saga and monthly updates.

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