Friday Fictioneers – Gone Technical

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

That sage who said it’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive, Robert thought, had never visited an airport. There comes a point where you can’t manage another sushi portion, another trip round duty free. Where it becomes problematic to stop yourself smacking the doting parent beside you who won’t control their children. Patience of Job or what?

He reached the end of his book and wondered about starting the next. Surely, they’d be boarding soon!

At last! The mannequin behind the desk tapped the microphone. Robert gathered his bag.

“We regret the delay to your flight. Plane’s gone technical.”


Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here.

77 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Gone Technical

  1. Hi Neil,
    You have captured the true frustration of air travel. I can recall my four hour flight, was delayed. suffered engine problems and had to land for repairs. It missed its landing slot at its destination, was diverted , rediverted, and ended up in the wrong European country. Four days later,I finally got home.

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  2. “Gone technical”. How inadequate and patronising an explanation is that? Just so many airline travel frustrations woven into a 100 words. I feel the narrator’s pain, but at least the unruly kid isn’t kicking the back of his seat. Yet.


  3. Ugh, as someone who just experienced the “pleasure” of air travel last month, I feel this story on a deep personal level! And you should take it as a compliment that my heart rate rose as I was reading your words! 😉


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  4. Technically, this means one is technically approved to go yell at the mannequin at the gate, even though she’s not likely to have any more information (they rarely do, and even more rarely are permitted to share it …). Though, having had a friend whose sister worked as a flight attendant for many years, i also know that the same frustration is felt by the crew… who are stuck at the airport just as the passengers are, are often unpaid for hours of ‘ground time’ (pay is often based on ‘on board’ or even ‘in air’ times), and have to pretend to be unperturbed and polite even while they are experiencing the same wish to be done with it …
    Well communicated, my friend!

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  5. A good story that hits home to many, Neil. That “gone technical” can also mean, “It’s not my job to know what the heck is wrong. Don’t ask. Just sit and wait like you’re supposed to.” 😀 — Suzanne

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  6. A great description that everyone can relate to! Too many people in small spaces, long layovers, running to catch a tight connection, airport food, and delay delay delay gets old after a while. Just returned from a trip where I sat in the docked plane for two hours before even joining the queue for takeoff. Don’t know why. Arrggh!

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  7. Ahrgh, the frustration! You tell it well, most of us can relate. I do love to fly, but not the stuff around it like security checks and the endless waiting.

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  8. There are so many discomforts and frustrations in air travel. Your story rings so true, but I haven’t done enough of it to be put off. – I still find it incredibly exciting.

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  9. Ha ha! Just brilliant. Poor Robert. At least they spared him the torture of listening to the tried, tested, used and abused cliche going by the name of “snag”. Loved the piece though!


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  10. At least Robert has brought books along to pass the time. I don’t notice time passing when reading a good book, even with screaming kids around me.

    “Gone technical”… how vague and unreassuring (is that a word?)!

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